Further preparations, and a request…

posted by Sara Laksimi

With only five days until we’re all together, final preparations are under way: Over in Torreilles, Zu is preparing our venue – our base for the two weeks – into a haven of comfort, fun and creativity. A few days ago Zu reported that she’d done some exterior painting work. She also mentioned that a decent dollop of wine had been involved. But fret not folks, I believe the bulk of painting got done before the inclusion of the wine. Meanwhile, in separate parts of London, Lisa and I have already started packing. Items of potential interest (depending on your interests of course) include:

  • video and still cameras – Lisa
  • handmade paper – me
  • factor 15 sun lotion – me
  • factor 8 sun lotion – Lisa
  • printing ink – Lisa
  • sunglasses – Lisa & possibly me
  • writing materials – me
  • laptops – Lisa & me
  • a collection of creative muses (some of which might pop out of a gift-wrapped bottle of gin) – Lisa & me

On a more serious note, I am also keen to further develop my potential lines of questioning and exploration. For example:

  • What is it I really want to know from and about the locals?
  • What do I hope to experience from being in the environment, a new one to me?
  • How do I want to dialogue with the community in Torreilles and the lives of the householders, the farmers, the shopkeepers?
  • If I could ask each person I met only one question to elicit crucial information or insight what would that one question be?

Suggestions Please: So here’s a question for you, dear reader: if you met a writer interested in retelling your stories to a wider audience, what question would you expect the writer to ask? Suggestions in the comments below. No prizes for the best ones (bar, perhaps, a glass of French wine), but you’ll definitely get a mention.