Theme one: Bamboo

IMG_2448Bamboo – the first time I visited the South of France, staying on a farm down a long winding country lane, I was struck by the abundance of this plant. The continuous Mistral rippling through its leaves was mesmerising, both visually and aurally. It was a surprise to see so much of it, and the landscape reminded me of many Caribbean islands I had hitched around in my 20’s.

Its no surprise then, that bamboo has been chosen as the first generic theme for each of us to respond to in some way.

Having spent some time ‘on location’, although still a work in progress, our first piece is near completion. Having now read Sara’s words, I am in the process of my final reedit this morning, and Zu has presented a great concept for the soundtrack to complete the work.

From Beach-bums to Sound-recordists

posted by Sara Laksimi

Yesterday afternoon was spent lounging on the beach and soaking up sun, sea and ambience. In the evening Zu and Lisa went exploring for a while and came back to share their findings to act as a unifying prompt for us all.

This morning, after regulation French croissants and freshly-brewed coffee, Lisa gave Zu and me a run through the digital voice recorder.

Once we’re all able to use the recorder we will go out to investigate and be inspired by more of the local scenery with particular emphasis on the look, feel and sound of wild bamboo. Impressions and stories in sound, visuals and words to follow…..