Residency Roundup

Apologies for the wait between this post and the previous one. The intensity of finalising work and putting together a pop-up exhibition to celebrate the project was much more time consuming than anticipated.

Suffice to say, all works were completed and the show a great success, with the audience comprising of French and British local residents, all very interested and excited to find out more about what we had been up to and our working methods.

We completed three short films encapsulating a single call and response from each of the artists, these being:

Theme One: Bamboo
Theme Two: The Sea
Theme Three: Isolation

Theme Four: The Fig Tree, was an evocative installation in and around a beautiful fig tree at the end of the garden where the residency was taking place.

Theme Two: The Sea was initiated by Zu, creating a haunting soundscape which encapsulated her love of wide open spaces and her previous experience of working on the sea.

Theme Three: Isolation was initiated by myself. As ever, I worked spontaneously with the camera, finding ways to evoke the notion of isolation, what it is or can be, and invited Sara to perform for me as part of the piece.

Theme Four: The Fig Tree was developed out of a desire for Sara to reimagine something from the Everyday. She provided us with a beautiful short story to respond to, the result being an installation comprising of lino print (my contribution), soundscape, and written story.

The Fig Tree installtion 1
I so enjoyed having the opportunity to work in print and created an abstract image which can be read as many things relating to the story; landscape (or mapping), sustenance and memory. We have decided to use this image as our logo.

In addition to all of the above, and possibly the most challenging piece of work, was the children’s animation. Back when we hatched the plan to come together for the residency, it was important for us to involve them in the creative process. The end product, The Kids at the Beach, was a colourful and fun response by the children about some of the things they get up to on a day at the beach, which they wrote, shot and produced themselves (with a little bit of support from us). 

Dear Readers please note – fireworks were also included (for or those of you who have been following this blog, the inclusion of fireworks in the animation will come as reminder of our first day together).

Theme one: Bamboo

IMG_2448Bamboo – the first time I visited the South of France, staying on a farm down a long winding country lane, I was struck by the abundance of this plant. The continuous Mistral rippling through its leaves was mesmerising, both visually and aurally. It was a surprise to see so much of it, and the landscape reminded me of many Caribbean islands I had hitched around in my 20’s.

Its no surprise then, that bamboo has been chosen as the first generic theme for each of us to respond to in some way.

Having spent some time ‘on location’, although still a work in progress, our first piece is near completion. Having now read Sara’s words, I am in the process of my final reedit this morning, and Zu has presented a great concept for the soundtrack to complete the work.

Not long now…

Busy adding visuals to our blog with Sara and getting excited about the residency in a couple of weeks.

This afternoon, in a semi-gutted pub on Golborne Road in North Kensington and as part of the Shubbak festival (11-26 July), we got to see the installation Another Day Lost by Syrian-born artist Issam Kourbaj. We had the great serendipitous opportunity of meeting him and talking about his work. He was also interested to hear about L’Appel et la Reponse and may well drop by on his way back from Spain next month.