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L’Appel et La Réponse 
is an artists’ collective working with the community in and around Torreilles, southern France.

We are:
Lisa Nash – visual artist
Sara Laksimi – writer
Zu Fuchs – musician

We will be listening and dialoguing with local residents to explore their histories and stories as they relate to their community and the environment.

La Réponse:
The week-long residency will culminate in an exhibition and performance during which the artists will share their response to those dialogues with the aim of revealing fresh perspectives to the community for them to enjoy and interact with.

Having originally trained and worked as a professional dancer, much of Lisa’s work examines pattern and repetition, referencing ritual and custom, and can range from a prescribed action to something spontaneously captured on camera. Lisa is interested in utilising the everyday as a framework to explore these rituals and habits and she often invites individuals or identified groups to perform tasks with or for her. In the past she has made work with scientists, dancers, Islamic women and groups of athletes.

Find out more about Lisa and view some of her previous work on: www.lisanash.co.uk

A writer with a particular interest in the short story form and more recently personal essays and creative non-fiction, Sara’s stories have been published online and in print. Later in the year her work will appear in a flash fiction anthology and a memoir anthology. Sara has a life of two halves; splitting her time, but hopefully not herself, between London and India.

You can connect with Sara via her website www.saralaksimi.com and Twitter @SaraLaksimi

A classically trained violinist, Zu has worked extensively as a sessional musician with numerous recording artists. Her interest in composing music is influenced by environmental sounds of the everyday, both rural and urban, and exploring ways to integrate these with a fusion of contemporary and classical musical scores.

Torreilles is situated in the Pyrenees-Orientales region on the Mediterranean coast. More information about Torreilles can be found at the town’s website – http://www.torreilles.fr/english/

Get In Touch
For more information about the collective, the residency or any of the artists involved, please leave a comment below and we will get in touch.


    1. Hi Val,
      Thanks for your good wishes. We are making good progress and soaking up the good vibes.
      Hope you get to enjoy a virtual experience of the finished product.
      Best wishes



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