The Culmination of our Creative Collaboration

posted by Zu Fuchs

Given the weather for most of the preceding week, the day of Sunday 16th August began beautifully, just as we’d hoped. A bright sun rose undisturbed in a clear blue sky and, needless to say after the intensity of the previous week, the beach beckoned for us all. Lisa and I took the kids to our favourite bit of Torreilles Plage while Sara volunteered to stay behind to clean up the venue, write up and print off various notices, and start the process of dressing our set. When we got back, after a day getting that freshly sun-kissed look, we all set to adding the final touches. Sara had created Welcome notices in both French and English that included our newly-created logo. Finally, at 7:30pm, we were all ready and we opened the doors of our venue.

Version 2








We had posted information sheets about the project and us artists as well as a plan of where the art works were located – inside the main room we’d set up a screening area where the showreel of our first 3 themes (Theme One: Bamboo; Theme Two: The Sea; Theme Three: Isolation) was projected onto a rough concrete wall – with seating of course.

I was excited and curious: Really pleased we’d completed four works; amazed we’d managed getting the kids to create a complete animation; it was also the first time most of the guests would get to know about my creative side.

When I saw people sitting on the sofa or perched on a chair in our screening area, or viewing the fig tree installation or kids’ animation, and engaging with our work, I felt both unnerved (what the hell did they make of it) and thrilled (people were watching and reading this work we’d created).

Showreel Installation









Obviously I hoped people would find something in the work. Clearly I’m biased, but even if a person didn’t like the pieces, there was no mistaking these were well-thought-out, well-crafted pieces of art work. I was proud that we’d succeeded in the time we’d given ourselves and with the various challenges we’d faced during the week.

More people arrived and everyone seemed to take a genuine interest. Some were kind enough to write comments in our Comments Book. Here are a few:

Bravo! Très joli travail, que l’on regarde avec très grand plaisir!!! Merci!
(Bravo! Very nice work, that we watched with much pleasure!!! Thank you!)

Very happy to discover your work and improve my English by the same way! Merci beaucoup!

Beaucoup de travail très agréable a regarder. Merci beaucoup pour cette initiative.
(A lot of very agreeable work to look at. Thank you for this initiative.)

Merci beaucoup les filles pour ce voyage original. Bonne Continuation
(Thank you very much girls for this original journey. Good continuation)

I loved being host on our night when I got to welcome both French and English neighbours, deepening relationships and getting to know some new people. The conversations flowed even more than the wine and our art was viewed  with plenty of appreciative noises made and heard.

Later into the evening the three of us, and one very local neighbour, sat in our usual spot – beside the olive tree with it’s coloured lights and with wine on the table – and nattered away until 4am.

Olive Tree








The pressures of the previous week gone, replaced by relief and possibly a bit of euphoria at having pulled it off. We’d enjoyed working together. I’d loved being able to compose pieces in response to the works produced by Sara and Lisa and it had been great to share the final output with others. Our experiment in creative collaboration had worked. Our pop-up installation a true celebration of our successes.

So, what’s next? Definitely we’re looking to repeat the residency next year, maybe in a different venue. Also, we’ll be looking to find new venues for our current pop-up installation in Torreilles again, as well as in London and India. We’ll also be continuing the call and response work throughout the year. This one goes global.

So stay connected. We’ll have more updates for you. But for now, and until then, That’s All Folks!

And if you know of anyone who’d be interested in hosting an installation (to help promote their business for example), or would like to commission something similar from us, get in touch.

Thanks for your interest.

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