Science … innit

posted by Sara Laksimi

Flicking through Twitter today I came across a short report posted on artnet news ( about a new scientific study by researchers at New York University. The key quote, for me, is this: “finding scientific evidence supporting our intrinsic fascination with art […] supports the notion that art has the power to connect people and […] cultures.” As is reported, the study is just a start at investigating why and how humans appreciate art and, perhaps more importantly, how that translates into improved communication and understanding between individuals and (potentially and actually divisive) groups of people.

Fortunately, we of the Appel et Reponse team are enjoying being both in total agreement and in curious dispute with one another – but always with the shared aim of creating intriguing art that reimagines the Everyday. And in case you’re wondering, “curious dispute” for me means the delight in discovering Lisa’s and Zu’s perspectives as we share our separate and unifying creative endeavours.

Speaking for myself, the notion of the lone writer, sitting in a lofty garret, squeezing her brain and, as Hemingway put it, bleeding onto the page has been given a new twist. The input and output of my co-creators is inspiring and exciting, uplifting and gob-smackingly gorgeous. I’m probably overly biased, but when I was invited to join this venture I had no idea how my words would be used. The finished product of our first theme (Theme One: Bamboo) is a real thrill for me. The majority of my previous works have been published online in standard format. Now is not the time for me to divulge how my words have been used in Theme One: Bamboo, but suffice to say it’s a significant departure for me. I feel my practice as a creative writer has been elevated – already beyond my expectations. Here’s hoping our audience will be at least half as impressed.

For those of you who like a visual in with reading a blog post, I shall leave you with this image of the olive tree with lights strung across its branches. At the end of our creative days we sit by it and, over a glass of wine or pastis, we discuss what else we want to try, how else we can improve or develop what we’ve already done. An entirely refreshing and enlivening way to be creating art – that thing which “has the power to connect people”. Wishing you a good evening, wherever you are……



  1. Can’t wait to find out more…. Really enjoying feeling ‘connected’ to you guys and your creativity through this blog….wonderful writing Sara – Bagsy come next year 😉 xxx



    1. Hi Jess,
      Thanks for keeping up with us. Hopefully by now you’ll have heard about how things went. Brilliantly! of course.
      We’ll be updating the blog with more information soon…..



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